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The charm of Bonds Casino!

​ High-speed withdrawal is possible!

Withdrawal of winning money at high speed is possible!
​365 Withdrawals are completed in about 10 minutes to 1 hour because there are staff who can withdraw 24 hours a day!

VIP Loyalty Program

The higher your stats, the more great bonuses and special treatment you can get.

Get up to 20% weekly at casinos, 10% at live dealers, and 12.5% at sports with no deposit cashback!

365 days, Japanese support

Japanese language support system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
​ Enjoy Bonds Casino with confidence

Bonds Casino Basic Information

​Royalty VIP Program Quick Reference

Introducing a special status program! This VIP program is very simple and easy to understand. The only condition for getting VIP player status is to simply place a bet in the game. The higher your status, the better your bonuses and special features.

Status is determined by taking into account the total bet amount for the current month and the two most frequently played months of the last four months. 100% real money bets and 10% bonus money bets will be considered for status.

The status is updated monthly. If there is a decrease in play frequency or activity, the status may be downgraded to the next lower level. However, before downgrading, you will be offered a month of chance to place the bets needed to maintain your status. If you can place the required amount of bets within a month, your status will not be downgraded.  

Depending on your status, you can get the following special feature packages:


* * VIP support:   Inquiries and priority response are possible with the message app that enables quick response.
* * VIP Manager: High quality service and 24-hour personal manager on request


Bonds Casino Rebate & Cashback

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​BonsCasino Let's play well with rebates and cash back!


Users accumulate rebates by betting with real money. The rebate is calculated by the following formula:

Rebate = (((total bet in USD cents / 100) x rebate factor for each status) +0.01) x game factor

Example: Amount earned by a user with a bet of $ 100 and an Ultimate status with a game factor of 1: Rebate = (((10000/100) x 0.25) +0.01) x1 = $ 25.01 USD = 0.2501 USD

By default, the game factors are set as follows:

100%-all slots


10%-live dealer, kazinovar, reddog

5%-Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Video Poker

A detailed list of contributions can be found at this link . We reserve the right to change the contribution of the game at any time without notice.

Rebates are offered as a no deposit bonus. The bet return frequency and bet amount are determined by the player's status (see table above).

There is no maximum bonus amount that can be provided for rebates. The minimum rebate amount you can receive as a bonus is 1 usd / eur / nzd (10 nok, 50 rub, 30 uah, 100 jpy / inr, 500 kzt). If the cumulative amount of rebates falls below the minimum amount, that amount will be carried over to the next period until the minimum required amount is reached. If the rebate does not reach the minimum required within 6 months, the rebate will be reset.

The rebate calculation does not include bets less than 0.1 usd / eur / nzd (1 nok, 5 rub, 10 jpy / inr, 3 uah, 50 kzt).

You can find the exact amount of your cumulative rebate in your profile's Balance.

Rebates are not available to users who have the gift option disabled, or who have a temporarily or permanently blocked account.

Cash back

Players can take advantage of loss cashback. The cashback amount and usage time are determined by the player's status (see table above).

Cashback and total loss are calculated by the following formula:

Cashback = (total loss in casino bets x cashback value commensurate with status) + (total loss in sports bets x cashback value commensurate with status) + (total loss in live dealers x Cashback value commensurate with the status)
Total loss means (total deposit-total withdrawal-real money balance-bonus balance).

Cashback will be added as a bonus. Users must make a deposit to activate this bonus. The required deposit amount and betting conditions are determined by the player's status (see table above). The cashback bonus is valid for 72 hours from the time it was granted. If you do not enable it, it will be automatically erased.

Cashback is not available to users who have the gift option disabled and who have a temporarily or permanently blocked account.

You can check the exact amount of cumulative cashback in "Balance" on your profile.

​ Bonds Casino popular game

​ Hawaiian Dream


​ This is a very popular pachislot-style slot. It is a model that incorporates the elements of pachislot and is familiar to Japanese people! Shine the hibiscus and Dalian Chan! You can enjoy a happy time with the sound of the waves 24 hours a day.

​ Speed Baccarat


​ As the name suggests, this is a baccarat game that progresses faster than usual and saves time. This game is recommended for those who want to enjoy baccarat in a short time and for players who want to play the game quickly and quickly.

Lightning Baccarat


​ The rules are the same as normal baccarat, but each time a lightning card with a random magnification of 2x-8x is drawn. If you win the bet and the Lightning Card is brilliantly included in your winhand, it will be multiplied by the payout amount, so you can get up to 512 times the payout.

Thorough coverage of popular slots
​ You can play on your smartphone 24 hours a day, anytime.


​BONSCASINO List of games you can play

​BONSCASINO Sportsbet! !!


​ BET for various sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, etc.

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